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Photography has been engraved in my heart and my life since I was 15-years-old and the passion is ever-growing! I chose to study and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography from Western Michigan University which opened endless opportunities to chase my dreams. As an artist and portrait photographer, I document sacred moments in life with a unique, fresh perspective to provide clients with emotion-filled images to be cherished for a lifetime. My vision is to deliver these memories with delicacy and beauty as the start or continuation of a family legacy.

Overall, my heart is to glorify God with the gifts He has blessed me with and to serve others in this life. I would love to work with you, tell your story, capture you love and share our lives.

Traveling and adventuring are also passions of mine! I love to explore new places and spend quiet time in nature to be refreshed and renewed. I love hiking, running, biking - anything to be outside! My hubby and I also love to road trip on our motorcycle all around Alaska.

 Photo by Grace Adams

Photo by Grace Adams

In July 2018, I married the love of my life! It was finally my turn to be a bride. In that, I gained so much insight, perspective, ideas, creativity and more to invest back into my business. Justin and I are beyond excited to adventure the world together and share our passion for photography! Want to check out my hubby’s work? Visit his Instagram: @french_flies_alaska

Sarah French



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