O'Connell Wedding


It's always a blessing to document a special day like a wedding celebration, but when you get to photograph multiple weddings in the same family, it’s changes everything. A year and a half ago, Alex and Hailey got married in Grand Rapids, Michigan and this past fall it was her sister Jerrica’s turn! 

Everything about Casey and Jerrica’s wedding was intimate, family-centered, and overflowing with joy. From having the ceremony in a loft to handmade decorations, it was one of the cutest venues I’ve photographed. Not to mention the hand-crafted, wooden serving table for the wedding donuts that Jerrica’s dad made! 

From the moment I met these two love birds, I knew they were perfect for each other not only because of their compassion, but their similar sense of humor! It was a true blessing to spend this special day alongside a genuine couple! May there be many more laughs to come in your future as husband and wife, Casey and Jerrica!

Check out these highlights from the O’Connell wedding!