My Future Home

Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to know where I’ll be living and what God is calling me to after college graduation. I spent the last couple of weeks exploring, investing, and seeking opportunities in the great state of Alaska! The desire to live on the last frontier was placed on my heart a little over a year ago. After much prayer, trial, and preparation, I’ve been given an overwhelming amount of peace to make this land my new home. 

To some, the idea of living in a remote (in certain areas), extreme-weathered, 'rough' place like Alaska seems like a crazy idea. But I hope that through my stories, passion, and photography, I’m able to show others why I fell so deeply in love with Alaska the moment I set eyes on those mountains… and why I’m taking big steps to spend a chunk of my life living there. 

There are many differences in land, life, and culture in comparison to the good ole “mitten state”… and those differences are what left me yearning for more. First, the nature and landscapes in Alaska are not only some of the most breath-taking scenes I’ve ever encountered, but they draw me closer to the ultimate artist — God. I'm constantly standing in awe of His creation. Second, the pace of life and relationships in Alaska are so refreshing to me. I have already met many wonderful and interesting people in my short visit here. People understand and embrace the balance of work and play while investing in their neighbors and encouraging one another through trials, triumphs, and change. Third, the culture is so unique and intriguing to me! The various native villages and their respective languages, art, and jobs tug at my curiosity. I look forward to learning more and documenting traditions! 

So with all of this said, I looking forward to this new chapter in my life and all that God has in store for me! I will be posting more updates about creative opportunities, jobs, and adventures as I continue to edit, ponder, and prepare for the big move in December. Keep an eye out for some 120 film images — I will be developing the film this week and next! In the meantime, here are some digital photographs that capture some of my thoughts, feelings, and a few moments of peace in my ‘new home.’

*While you’re scrolling through the post, feel free to listen to this song by one of my favorite artists, Strahan. His whole album, Posters has been near and dear to my heart during my travels and transitions in life! Check him out!


Quiet Time...

Falttop & Peak Two // Chugach State Park

Eklutna Lake

Hatcher Pass


Along the Way…

Crow Pass // Girdwood

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