Blake Wedding



Huzzah! Congrats to Tyler and Ellissa on their marriage! This wedding was special to me in many ways to photograph and a great reminder of what true love looks like. Tyler was one of the first people I met when starting my college career at Western Michigan University and a good friend of my sister. Over the course of four years, I was able to be in community with Tyler at His House Christian Fellowship on campus, watch him grow, and hear about this amazing girl, Ellissa that he met from SVSU.

Their love is one that is built on a strong foundation! On their wedding day, the love seemed tangible and I was blessed enough to capture it with photographs. When editing the Blake wedding, I was overwhelmed with joy reliving that special day in their lives. Every time I look at these images, I am reminded of the love between two amazing people that’s being used for great things! 

Sarah FrenchComment